Infix Fasteners, Since 2008, has been a key player in the Fastener Industry, in delivering optimal fastening solutions to our customers.

In SIX years, “Infix” has emerged from a small scale unit to a well established private limited company (Registered in 2014).

We are now capable of supplying the following products.

* Industrial Nails (Product)

* Coil Nails (Product)

* Pneumatic Nailers (Tools)

* Nail Making Machine (Machinery)

* Coil Nail Making Machine (Machinery)

* Wire Drawing Machinery (Machinery)

We price our products based on work done on a product and its quality, keeping in mind that either way, the quality and the price are within the reach of our customers and meet their requirements.

 For any product that we offer, We maintain the Same Price For Every Customer motto in our sales strategy, and it has been the prime key to our success and to our sustainment in the business.

Industrial Nails


“Infix” offers an array of Nail products, sizes ranging from as short as 1/4” and as long as 6” in shank-length. The thickness is maintained as per customer specified requirement. These Nails are available in two qualities, regular quality and supreme quality and are called regular nails and precision nails respectively.

Along with the Plain-Shank Nails, We also offer Screw-Shank Nails and Ring-Shank Nails as per the specific requirements of different customers.

Coil Nails


“Infix” proudly offers Coil Nails, the precision nails that are collated together and are weld by a pair of weld wires forming a nail coil.

    To improve productivity in business and efficiency  in nailing works, the traditional method of nailing through hammering is replaced by usage of Coil Nails which makes use of Nailer machines that hammer them into the wooden work piece at a faster rate and in the most efficient way.

        At “Infix”, Coil Nails are available in sizes ranging from 1-1/2” to 4” nail shank length. The shank types available are Plain-Shank, Screw-Shank and Ring-Shank with thickness as specified by the customers.


Pneumatic Nailers


Pneumatic Nailers are Nailer machines that run with the Pneumatic pressure to hammer the coil nails into the wooden work piece. These nailers require small compressor that can deliver pressure up to 8 bar. 

“Infix” offers the most-reliable “MAX” Nailers with extended warranty and with a very competitive price, assuring prompt service to all our customers. We also supply the compressor as an add-on, at a very reasonable price.